What do you do when you love your best friend but society considers it taboo...

When a bright and cheery girl who wants to become a famous idol and a shy quiet manga artist get together to form an idol group what will become of their friendship when the to start becoming closer? Riroku Miruko, self proclaimed Japan's number one idol, and Niko Tamiguchi, famous yuri mangaka, enter the world of becoming idols together to form an idol group that creates something new. 


This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed by sexual situations.

Install instructions

Use the download link to download the current version of the web novel so you can take it with you should you be in a place without internet. Please note that the ver may not always be up to date with the online web novel. I shall try my best to keep everything up to date, but please remember I am only one person.


Bound by Chains (Ver. [Offline])

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